The 2014 Startup Middle School Summer Institute

Open to children age 9 to 14, the Startup Middle School Summer Institute helps students who dare to dream for big success in the 21st Century Global Innovation Economy. At the Institute, our courses are built around your dreams of being an innovator and problem-solver in an increasingly connected world.

Educating our youth around STEM disciplines is the only way forward if we expect the U.S. to compete in the new global economy.

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Our Approach

After launching in the spring of 2013 at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)2, Startup Middle School is now an award-winning full year curriculum garnering more and more partners each day. The Innovation and Computer Science curriculum has several components:

History & Knowledge of the Innovation Economy:

Teaching the “why” with a series of interventions and events involving disruptive innovation and global collaboration throughout the year!
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Project and Competition-based Learning

Creating innovation concepts to address real-world community issues. The students craft concepts to solve Grand Challenges to prove that underserved youth know how to solve the issues plaguing their communities.
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Reinforcing the academic learning and making careers and business opportunities in the Innovation Economy more tangible.
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Core Skills in Technology and Innovation

Building the concepts with technology and disruptive innovation tools and interdisciplinary modules with key academic areas such as English Language Arts and Foreign Languages.
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Capstone Portfolio

Summarizing the year’s work with an entrepreneur business pitch to an audience of professionals, civic leaders, and high school and college recruiters.
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The mobile technology training at Startup Middle School is made possible by a local African-American owned mobile solutions company, Clearly Innovative, whose leadership has made the launch of the program possible.